Frostlings are elemental creatures who are made of frozen water, the elements that are involved in their creation are water and air.
Frostlings are about 1 meter high (little over 3 feet) and look humanoid, but with wings. Their faces are distorted. Like the material they are made of they are cold and unforgiving. Frostlings are extremely cruel.

Frostlings can speak common, but they would not choose to talk to other creatures.

Frostlings can appear in area's of extreme cold, and in locations where they were conjured/summoned by elemental magic. When spring melts the snow and ice away, the fronstlings will disappear. But once they have been brought into existance in a location, they will re-appear when temperatures drop below freezing and water (or snow) is available for them to grow from.

Frostlings have no issue with fighting to the death, since technically they will not die. They will come back as long as temperatures arew low enough, and the water they consisted of is still present. More so, they enjoy getting 'killed' because upon hitting 0 hitpoints they will explode in ice shards. Frostling will always try to stay close to whomever they are fighting to do as much damage as possible.

The maniacal chuckle from frostlings who manage to hurt folks has been described as bonechilling.

download: stats pdf (A5 size)

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