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I have a love for mazes and labyrinths. (Yes, there is a difference between those two, I googled it.) I think they are great to use in tabletop rpg’s, and I think I use them not enough.

Most dungeons are maze-like, but the Real Deal is of course the hedge maze. It looks so innocent, idyllic even, but it can contain so much nastyness. That is why I needed hedge maze tiles for my Meadow tiles set, I have plans. I need 3d dungeon tiles for those plans because I want my players to have their little mini-adventurers wonder around (and get lost in) a table filled with an awesome maze!

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My mind is always full of ideas; some are popping up and leaving because they were not good to start with, and others keep bubbling in my brain untill they are done and then I start doing something with them. Occasionally I have ideas that I like so much that I start doing something with them before they are done bubbling, but that hardly ever ends well. And some ideas need to stew for a very, very long time before I got to the point where they become usable.

I am going to be busy with my meadow tiles and painting loads of other thing, but I am also working on 2 ideas that have at long last left the bubbly phase. Both took a long time to develop in my mind because both are complicated; a revolving labyrinth and the possibility to make vertical dungeons with our hexagonal tiles.

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When I first had my idea of my meadow tiles it was extremely simple: basic empty hex tiles with bumps for stepping stones. But that would be a rather barren grassy waste-land, nice for a very scary adventure I guess but very boring in the long run.

I had some ideas for other things to create, but I am still developing my Blender skills and most of them are still a bit too challenging and I do want to give myself reachable goals. So I started to think: what can I make that only requires basic shapes?

Simple: a fence!

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I am about to upload my WDhex Meadow Tiles to MyMiniFactory and I am extremely proud about that. After we made our dungeon tiles with stones in the summer of 2019 I had loads of ideas and plans for more tiles. Unfortunately I got extremely frustrated with Blender (the software I use), life in general got complicated and I had given up on my dungeon tiles.

Untill a few weeks ago!

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