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Last time I gave a D&Demo (yes, D&D demo called D&Demo) I threw out all the characters I made for the demo the day after the festival. I had used those for a couple of years, and they had become a bit boring. They were a combination of level 1 and 2 D&D 5e, and rather simplified so explaining it all to people who did the demo to learn about the hobby would be easier for me.

As it turned out, about half of the demo-visitors were experienced players who loved playing a short, simple 1 hour adventure at a festival. Usually they would be (partly) a group that was already playing together, sometimes dragging an unsuspecting friend along. If the DM is present (which happens a lot) the fun is really complete, and the taunts are awesome. But level 1-and-2 characters are a bit lacking for an experienced player who has a chance to go wild and not having to care if any character survives the horrors that are thrown at them.

So, I wanted 2 set of characters: 1 set of level 1 D&D 5e characters and 1 set of lvl 5 characters.

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Last weekend we had another session with our Saltmarsh-group. We started playing from the book Ghosts of Saltmarsh but have by now deviated so far from it that it is a homebrew campaign. I still have some of the original storylines in there, and the hometown is still Saltmarsh, so it remains my Saltmarsh group.

I had prepped everything in the session already for the previous session, but during that session they decided to go have a chat with the sea-elves. And not go into my awesomely prepped dungeon, for which I made pretty maps in Inkanate! This session I would not have it, so I kinda railroaded their behinds into my dungeon.

Because they had places to go, even of they were not aware of it.

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In a grey and misty past I played 2 or 3 sessions of D&D and I did not like that. I don't even know what version that was, but the DM was hackling the players how stupid they were for not solving his puzzles. I decided that D&D was not my kind of game, even though I loved Larping and I knew larping came forth from D&D. Years later, in januari 2015, I started DM-ing my first campaign: The Lost Mine of Phandelver from the D&D starter set.

What had changed?

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Bij deze, mijn eerste blog-postje. Ik zou het daarbij kunnen laten, maar ik ben gewoon graag wat lang van stof. Plus ik wil graag kijken hoe ik mijn blog-gedeelte kan inrichten zodat het een beetje leuk werkt op deze website. En daar heb ik wel wat tekst en inhoud voor nodig. Ik zou natuurlijk het standaard lorem-ipsum geleuter kunnen kopieren-plakken daarvoor, maar dat is zo saai. In plaats daarvan kan ik ook gewoon beginnen met typen en uitleggen waarom ik met deze site begonnen ben.

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