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Last weekend we had another session with our Saltmarsh-group. We started playing from the book Ghosts of Saltmarsh but have by now deviated so far from it that it is a homebrew campaign. I still have some of the original storylines in there, and the hometown is still Saltmarsh, so it remains my Saltmarsh group.

I had prepped everything in the session already for the previous session, but during that session they decided to go have a chat with the sea-elves. And not go into my awesomely prepped dungeon, for which I made pretty maps in Inkanate! This session I would not have it, so I kinda railroaded their behinds into my dungeon.

Because they had places to go, even of they were not aware of it.

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In a grey and misty past I played 2 or 3 sessions of D&D and I did not like that. I don't even know what version that was, but the DM was hackling the players how stupid they were for not solving his puzzles. I decided that D&D was not my kind of game, even though I loved Larping and I knew larping came forth from D&D. Years later, in januari 2015, I started DM-ing my first campaign: The Lost Mine of Phandelver from the D&D starter set.

What had changed?

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Bij deze, mijn eerste blog-postje. Ik zou het daarbij kunnen laten, maar ik ben gewoon graag wat lang van stof. Plus ik wil graag kijken hoe ik mijn blog-gedeelte kan inrichten zodat het een beetje leuk werkt op deze website. En daar heb ik wel wat tekst en inhoud voor nodig. Ik zou natuurlijk het standaard lorem-ipsum geleuter kunnen kopieren-plakken daarvoor, maar dat is zo saai. In plaats daarvan kan ik ook gewoon beginnen met typen en uitleggen waarom ik met deze site begonnen ben.

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