I am about to upload my WDhex Meadow Tiles to MyMiniFactory and I am extremely proud about that. After we made our dungeon tiles with stones in the summer of 2019 I had loads of ideas and plans for more tiles. Unfortunately I got extremely frustrated with Blender (the software I use), life in general got complicated and I had given up on my dungeon tiles.

Untill a few weeks ago!

Due to the global circumstances I have been working from home for the past year-and-a-bit. This does have a lot of downsides and crappy consequenses, but it also gives my mandatory rest, reflection time and hobby-time to spare. I painted a couple of mini's, bought a lot more than I painted, printed insanely huge airships for my campaigns and did a lot of thinking about making my own 3d stuff. The main condition for making my own 3d stuff is: learn to work with the software! So I follow a lot of blender tutorials, got into fusion360, combined that with blender and I started to see the digital 3d light apparently because I started making stuff again.

My original idea was to make cave tiles, because loads of dungeons are caves. But caves have very irregular floors and walls with no pattern at all and that makes them a bit tough for me to wrap my brain around. I also wanted to make it 'too realistic'. Having real-looking terrain on the table is great, but when making it in 3d you can not copy what a real dungeon looks and is like. Mainly because of the difference in scale. So I noticed I was getiing frustrated again, and started thinking about what would be easier for me to start with. And then I got this great idea;

I have always loved the Tale of the Dread Gazebo, and I stil intend to put a 'dread gazebo' (or a plain gazebo) in one (or more) of my campaigns. But what is a gazebo without a proper lawn? With a nice path, a duck pond and perhaps some shrubberies. The ideas started pouring themselves into my brain and I made plans and lists of ideas. And I started to seriously work on the first set of tiles for my Meadow Tiles.

I still had to watch and follow a lot of tutorials, because they do look easy to make (according to me) but I had so much ideas about how I could make them and I needed to try them all. The set I have finished now are my definitive meadow tiles, with stepping stones.They are intended to be used with grass-flock. You could just paint the grass-part green, but the effect of the stepping stones in a lawn is best achieved if you surround them with actual grasslike stuff.

I am now uploading my files to MyMiniFactory, and then I will have to wait some time before they are made public. Even though I made these for my own fun and use I still enoy sharing them, and I am very curious if anyone would like them enough to download them. Yeah, I am a bit vain that way...

update: the files are on MyMiniFactory and even though they are not public yet (you can not search for them yet) the link does work: WDhex Meadow Tiles - stepping stones.

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