It has been a while since I last wrote anything, but I have not spent those months doing nothing. I have been working a lot, got a new job that starts in january and printed a lot of stuff for my tabletop rpg's. I also backed some kickstarters, got loads of files from those, subscribed to some 3d stuff and got more files from that.

Right now I have so many things I could print and paint that it will probably last me... well, very long. I have so many things to print and only 1 printer!

Now I could get another printer and print more at once. Actually, I have a second printer, but that is more of a tinkering project than a fully functional 3d printer. It was very cheap, I guess that explains it all.
So, I still only have one printer I can use for my rpg printing hobby. I could get another proper printer, and I have thought about it but I decided that would not be a good idea. The reason is very simple: I paint slower than my printer prints. And I do want to paint all my prints for tabletop use. Getting another printer would result in me printing an insane amount of cool stuff and never getting to painting that. So it would not be very usefull.

One of the reasons I am not very fast with my painting has a lot to do with my day being filled with work. I like me work too, it pays for my plastic and paints so I do not complain. I just make lists of things I want to print, in the order I want to print them in and then I find new things to print so I make new lists. I could do a bit of painting instead of spending my time making lists, but I like my lists too.

So, what is on my current list? Funny I should ask myself, here we go:

Tabletop Props
Some time ago I got a small add on my instagram about a kickstarter for D&D props by Props&Beyond. I already have mini's and terrain and I had no props so this instantly had my attention. I backed the kickstarter, got the prop-files, joined their tribe on MMF so I get more props every month. At the moment I am working on a prop so I can join their PP&P-contest (Prop Print&Paint), but other than that I do not have a list of props I plan to print. I do have those props on the top of my list at all times, because when I prep for a campaign or session I do want to check if we could use a prop so I can have it finished in time.

The Tavern
Over a year ago I backed the Kingdom of Thamarya kickstarter. I did this about a month after I vowed to not back another kickstarter with little buildings because I already had a lot of little buildings that needed (and still need) to be printed.And yes, I already had plenty of little houses, but these had a very RPG-cartoony cutesy vibe. They were not 'medieva/l fantasy realistic' buildings, they were not so very serious. So yeah, I had to back it and I am still happy I did that. I already printed some of the smaller buildings and now I am working on their HUGE tavern. There is still a lot that needs to be printed for that building, and after that the painting also needs to be done but it is a really great project.

I still remember how I proclaimed not to need 3d terrain, untill I got my 3d printer. Now, I have a huge terrain addiction hobby. I also (try to) make 3d printable terrain myself, but I need to learn a lot and the process is slow. When the Terrain Essentials crowdfunding showed up on MMF I did not have to think twice. This campaign has so many different terrain types and things that made my brain go "I could use this for ... <insert plot idea>" that there was never a question of I wanted to back this. The files are being released now and I have already printed some bits and pieces. One of my players loves to paint too, and terrain is good fun to paint, so we are going to team up and see how big we can make the terrain stash!

More more more!
And yes, there is more, I have some subscribtions for buildings and terrain, I have a fishing village, a medieval village, a viking village and a tree village. I have a huge collection of more buildings and terrain an scatter that I found online or got from bundles. I also have plenty of airships that I have not printed yet and my giant bridge-with-houses still only has one finished house. I even have a load of Christmas themed files for tabletop related mini's, props and decorations that I can use for gifts and 3d Christmas cards for the next years.

So... Dare I say it? Yes I do: I have enough.
My New Years resolution is to not back more kickstarters, not add loads more to my collection because I have so much now, that is usuable for just about all ingame situations and environments.
I am going to have fun printing things from my collection, making them colourfull and nice to use in my games. 

And who knows, I even might actually write more than one blog per half year about it.

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